Andy Lee Robinson

Pianist, performer, composer and engineer, born in Northampton, England, now living in Budapest, Hungary.

Father professional jazz saxophonist, mother professional jazz singer, started playing piano at age 4. Always preferred to improvise and make up own tunes then, and now!

Successfully completed Postgraduate Diploma in Music Information Technology at City University in 1987, then worked for one of Peter Gabriel's companies repairing synthesizers and studio equipment.

Now living, working and performing in Budapest, Hungary.


Xenon, formed in January 2005. First performance at Zöld Pardon, Budapest 29th July 2005, 8pm.

Avatar, Origins available from Kane Films.

Avatar, Child of Peace available from Kane Films.

Lifeforms video with Future Sound of London, 1994.


March 10th 2004, Budapest Dawn got into a few Top 10 charts on!

No. 2 in Europe Top 10
No. 2 in United Kingdom Top 10
No. 3 in Instrumental Production Top 10
No. 3 in Jazz Top 10
No. 6 in Ballads Top 10

Won track of the day 5th June 2005 and other awards on Garageband for "The Heart Transcends" title track.


The Heart Transcends (2005)

(128 kbps mp3 previews of 30 seconds)

The Heart Transcends cover pic

Preview all tracks

No. Title Duration Preview
1 The Heart Transcends 3:54 1, 2
2 Roxana 10:06 1, 2, 3
3 Autumn Walk - Guitar 2:37
4 Hello Goodbye 1:57
5 Heart of the Lion 2:24
6 Distant Dreams 4:23
7 MeloYelo 5:51 1, 2
8 Last Temptation of Ra 5:56 1, 2
9 Escape to Osiris 8:43 1, 2
10 Flight of the Bumblebee 1:13
11 Chopin Opus 10 No4 2:24
12 Zone One 1:44
13 Breeze 2:13
14 Silvervane 2:01
15 Budapest Dawn 5:21
16 You'll Never Do That Thing Again 4:47
17 Zone Five 2:36
18 Szakitás 5:42 1, 2

©2005 Andy Lee Robinson ( Composed, performed and produced by Andy Lee Robinson. Thanks to Romhányi Áron for guest solos and inspiration on Budapest Dawn, and also to Pály Barna and Romhányi Áron for kind permission of "Hello Goodbye". Thanks to Pepe Somogyi of Xenon for inspiration of Szakitás (Break Up).




Invited to perform on a live Saturday Night television show here in Budapest in July 2001.
Video reproduced here in DivX 4.12 format. (Codec available from

Commonly found improvising for fun in cafés, hotels and nightclubs around Budapest.

  Cold Tea
  1. Catherine of Aragon
(Rick Wakeman)
2. Roxana
  Rachmaninov influenced improvisation
  Keith Jarrett influenced improvisation

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